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How to Launch a Ready-to-Use Blog in 6 Easy Steps
Is your business project present on the web? Does your friend have a blog? Are you thinking about launching your own web project but do not know how to start? With the involvement of digital technologies and growing demand in having your web presence for the maximum visibility, it's essential to have a blog or a business site. Even if you are new to web design and development, there are plenty of ways to launch your own web resource without asking for someone else's help. In this guide, I'll show you the most popular ways to build your own blog [...]
Love is in the Air: 10+ eCommerce Assets to Use on St. Valentine’s Day
Roses are red, violets are blue, we need to decorate our website for St. Valentine’s Day… What about you? Enough poetry (or something that reminds of poetry) for today. There are much more important things that we should discuss today. The holiday that we have already mentioned is always associated with some romantic stuff. You know, boxes of chocolates, jewelry, bouquets, and many other things. It is a day when people celebrate love. There is one more thing that cannot be forgotten. We are talking about buying these very gifts. Unfortunately, we cannot help those people who are bothered by [...]
Take Your Website To The Next Level With Nextprest PrestaShop Theme
Today is a great day for a big announcement. Meet Nextprest - a fresh revolutionary multipurpose PrestaShop theme. Nowadays, the eCommerce niche is all about innovation and multifunctionality. And PrestaShop is boosting up to the next level. This ready-made solution is built with the hottest web design and the latest functional trends in mind. Nextprest is considered to be a great fit for literally any type of online business. This versatile theme has a rich variety of pre-built skins for the most common niches. For example, it is perfectly suited for building a powerful website for any business: apparel, fashion, [...]
Top-10 Fashion Shopify Themes
There are dozens of fashion Shopify themes, but I would like to show you the best ones. Just look at them and imagine what your clients will think of you if your website will be wearing such an “outfit”. The first thing strangers see when they meet you is your outfit. No matter what they say, people always evaluate you by the clothes you wear. Just think about it, your attitude to a guy in an expensive suit and to a biker wearing leather and chains will be completely different. Clothes are a sort of business card or Facebook account – [...]
Top-20 Themes Built Using Novi Builder
Today, we are going to talk about a fairly new visual content editor called Novi Builder. This is a highly-functional drag-n-drop HTML builder that is suitable for both non-techies and expert coders. It can be used as a separate product or as a component of a website theme. Novi Builder is a helpful instrument for web development practice. It allows creating one-page and multipage HTML websites, and landing pages. Besides, it makes it possible to: create an HTML template;import it to Novi Builder in just a few clicks;‘slice’ the blocks for your customers;sell the product with Novi;import already existing website;use [...]
Imperion As the Best WordPress Theme for SEO? Everything You Need to Know This Powerful Ready-Made Solution
Winter holidays have flashed by. People only managed to relax after sorting things out… Yet there are already lots of things that make them work their fingers to the bone. Workers make things hum in order to produce the best results ever. One thing remains unchanged in terms of making your business become successful. You have probably guessed what we are talking about. A well-organized website that should latch onto the contemporary fashion trend in web-design. As you may know, many businessmen are ready to spend a good deal of money on getting the most professionally-looking online-projects. When there are [...]
How to Build Delicious Website with Premium WordPress Theme? [Real-life Examples]
In the conditions of tough competition in the restaurant business, the implementation of an effective marketing strategy is the only key to success. And one of the effective ways to attract customers in this business is to create an attractive restaurant website. Table of Content Intro Bettaso WordPress Theme Websites Built with Bettaso 5 More Premium Restaurant Templates Final Word Intro Public places are an integral part of the modern city and the life of people. Against the backdrop of strong competition between restaurants, cafes and other institutions, in order to achieve high results, it is necessary to differ favorably [...]
20 High-Class Themes Compatible With WordPress 5.0
Introduction Templates Review Summing-Up Introduction At least half of web users have been looking forward to this event. I am sure you suppose what I am talking about, don’t you? Yes, it’s all about the release of WordPress 5.0. Even though it has finally happened, not everyone knows what he or she should do next. If you are not sure how to update your WordPress to 5.0, check out a few short tips. In the meantime, in this article, you are going to find the list of WordPress themes already compatible with WordPress 5.0. You may find templates for traveling [...]
15 Best Travel Blog Themes and Templates With Minimum Coding Skills [based on Elementor and Moto CMS Builders]
According to statistics, today more than 70% of people, who plan their trip, look online for the necessary information regarding the travel details, tickets, and accommodation booking. If your business has something to do with the travel industry, just think of how convenient your online presence is for the customer.In fact, if you still can’t boast of a high-quality company website featuring a details service description, an intuitive interface, and a contact form, you’re already losing a LOT OF potential clients. The thing is, the competition in this industry is fierce as hell, so you better use all the possible [...]
CrocoBlock Elementor Subscription – Must-Have Service for All Elementor Fans
If you keep a close eye on the latest news and innovations in the WordPress community, then you should have heard about Elementor page builder. Have you tried this page builder already? Does it include enough tools and features for the quick start of your web project? If your answer is "no", then CrocoBlock subscription service is exactly what you need. From this particular moment, you may forget about the necessity to look for extra plugins and templates for your new web projects. Simply grab the subscription and you will get all that you need to be delivered to you [...]
How To Make Most of Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales: 20 Tips for Customers and Sellers
Needless to say, November is a long-awaited time for many users. And it’s not only because of Thanksgiving day… And not just because of this marvelous feeling when the weather becomes colder and you already see Christmas designs everywhere. Well, November is the time of Black Friday and Happy Monday. It’s the season of breathtaking discounts. All the shops are preparing sales for you! That is why everyone is waiting for  Black Friday. Actually, it doesn’t matter if you are rich and doesn’t matter what you are doing for life. When sales are coming, each of us has something to [...]