14+ Bi fold Flyer Mockups

Coming in handy with almost every daily product that we buy, a Bi fold Flyer Mockups flyer provides information about the product and the services it intends on selling. They

contain multiple pages, unlike the A4 flyer. Their customizable, downloadable, photorealistic exterior in the PSD format helps in aggravating the brand value. Now used all around in numerous business ventures as well as cultural, educational and promotional events, these editable flyers catch the eye of the customers almost instantly.
With advancement in technology and expansion of the global market, bi-layered mock up flyers will find their way up to every drawing room to disseminate the various knowledge about a particular product or service. Not only do they fulfill their market needs but also helps the customers to store them as a future reference.

Photo-realistic Bi-Fold Flyer Mock-Upbifold flyer mockup


PSD Mock-up Of Two Bi-fold Flyersbi flod flyer mockup

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bi-flod flyer mockup

Word-Button1Bi-fold Leaflet Mock-upflyer mockup

Word-Button1Bi-fold Flyer Mock-ups Bundlebusiness flyer mockup

Word-Button1Sample Bi-Fold Flyer Mock-upbi flod flyer mockup

Word-Button18 Half Bi-fold Flyer Mock-uphalf bifold flyer mockups