Chalkboard Background – Free Vector, Illustrator, PSD Formats

There are different kinds of backgrounds which are available. These add texture and these add the old world feel to it. When one sees a chalkboard background they are

immediately transported to their school days. These backgrounds look like old fashioned slates or classroom boards with all the powder and the mess it brought with it. These chalkboards, in order to have the words really stand out, the board had to first be wiped clean with a wet cloth and then using dampened chalk the lettering was done. This would make it not only stand out but hard to erase as well.

The same feel is given and attained through various free and paid sites which have chalkboard backgrounds. These backgrounds work well for not only blogs relating to students, studies, school but it also relates to sites which want to give their users a nostalgic feel or feel of the old world charm.

These can also be used for blogs denoting rural settings or start up or even home-based small businesses.
Chalkboard background templates are easily available and one of the most widely downloaded of all templates. There are special fonts too which go well with the chalkboard background and this adds to the effect.

4 Free Chalkboard Background DesignsFree Chalkboard Background DesignsWord-Button1

2 Chalkboard Border Background DesignChalkboard Border background DesignWord-Button1

5 Chalkboard Photoshop  BackgroundsChalkboard Photoshop BackgroundsWord-Button1

Green Chalkboard Background DesignGreen Chalkboard Background DesignWord-Button1

7 Vector Chalkboard Background DesignVector Chalkboard BackgroundWord-Button1

Digital Chalkboard Background DesignDigital chalkboard Background designWord-Button1

Chalkboard Digital Background DesignChalkboard Graphic Background DesignWord-Button1

Easy Chalkboard Backgrounds Design44444Word-Button1

Chalkboard Illustrator Background DesignChalkboard Illustrator background DesignWord-Button1

Chalkboard Plan Background DesignChalkboard Plan Background DesignWord-Button1

Chalkboard Lettering Background DesignChalkboard Lettering background designWord-Button1

6 Realistic Chalkboard Backgrounds DesignRealistic Chalkboard Background DesignWord-Button1

Dust chalkboard Backgrounds DesignDust chalkboard background designWord-Button1

3 Chalkboard Decorations Backgrounds DesignsChalkboard Decorations Background DesignsWord-Button1

Green Chalkboard Backgrounds DesignGreen Chalkboard Background DesignWord-Button1

Chalkboard Coffee Menu Background DesignChalkboard Coffe Menu Background DesignWord-Button1

4 Seamless Chalkboard Backgrounds Designseamless Chalkboard Background DesignWord-Button1

Wine Menu Chalkboard Design BackgroundWine Menu Chalkboard Design BackgroundWord-Button1

Fish Chalkboard Seamless BackgroundFish Chalkboard Seamless BackgroundWord-Button1