31+ Free Optical Illusions Paintings

An illusion is anything that is wrongly perceived by our eyes or ears on being induced by the mind. An Optical Illusion Paintings is one when the most sensitive of

all our organs- eyes confuse between the very fine and vague line of make- believe and real. Paintings with Optical illusions are broadly categorized under Op Art, an abbreviation for optical art. This category is an amazing section for abstract creation of paintings that give out experiences of definitive movement in the stand- by picture. The illusions can be placed either with the play of monochromatic theme or even the whole use of the color genre.

The whole process is brought about in one function illusion very smoothly, as the work is mostly based on the perception which our eye receives, it is the visualisation potency that brings about the contradictory relationship putting our eyesights in pleasurable collocation.

Use of light comes first in importance followed by color play. Among the many firsts was the much-debated painting of Bridget Riley which was termed as Movement in Squares published in 1961. Abstract reality became famous in the modern era, as this is when people wanted and needed to mix fiction with reality.

Abstract Optical Pattern Illusion paintingpainting

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Optical Colorful Illusion painting painting-optical

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Digital Optical Illusion Paintingdigital-optical-illusion-painting

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Free Optimal Illusion Paintingfree-optimal-illusion-painting

Optical Illusions Magic Realism Paintingoptical-illusions-magic-realism-painting

Optimal Magic Sand Illusion paintingoptimal-sand-illusion-painting

Optimal Hand Illusion Paintingoptimal-hand-illusion-painting

Optimal Magic Mirror Illusion Paintingoptimal-magic-mirror-illusion-painting

Optimal Double Take Illusion Paintingoptimal-double-take-illusion-painting

Optical Magic Kites Painting in Wateroptical-magic-kites-painting-in-water

Optimal  Sunrise Illusion Paintingoptimal-sunrise-illusion-painting

Optical Magic Water Flowing Paintingoptical-magic-painting

Optimal Dancing Illusion Paintingoptimal-dancing-illusion-painting

Optimal Library Illusion Paintingoptimal-library-illusion-painting

Optical Robo Gonsalves Illusion Paintingpainting

Optical Magic Bamboo Sticks paintingoptical-magic-bamboo-sticks-painting

Optical Illusion Magic Water Painting water-painting

Optical Magic Water Girl Paintingoptical-magic-water-girl-painting

Optical Man Working Illusion Paintingoptical-man-working-illusion-painting

Optimal Winter Illusion Paintingoptimal-winter-illusion-painting

Optical Magic Chess Playing Paintingoptical-magic-chess-playing-painting

Optimal Prayer Illusion Paintingoptimal-prayer-illusion-painting

Optimal Beatles John Lennon Illusion paintingoptimal-beatles-john-lennon-illusion-painting

Optimal Stone Man Illusion Paintingoptimal-stone-man-illusion-painting

Optimal Working On Sand Illusion Paintingoptimal-working-on-sand-illusion-painting

Optimal Hitler Illusion Paintingoptimal-hitler-illusion-painting

Optical Magic Illusion Rain  Paintingoptical-magic-rain-illustion-painting

Optimal Family Illusion Paintingoptimal-family-illusion-painting

Optimal Birds Illusion Paintingoptimal-birds-illusion-painting

Optical Magic Night Moon Paintingoptical-magic-night-moon-painting

Optical Illusion Paintings