Editorial Stock Image Bundle


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  • Dimensions: 3700 x 5200 px

Elevate your creative projects with our Light & Airy Lifestyle Stock Image Bundle Collection. This curated selection features beautifully lit, high-resolution images that evoke a sense of freshness and simplicity. Perfect for bloggers, marketers, and designers, our collection captures everyday moments in a bright and inviting way. From serene outdoor scenes to minimalist interiors, each photo is designed to inspire and enhance your visual storytelling. Whether you’re creating content for social media, websites, or print, our Light & Airy Lifestyle images will add a touch of elegance and charm, making your work stand out effortlessly.

Stock Image Bundle Include:

  • Upon purchase, you will get a PDF with a link to download all 250 images hosted on Google Drive.
  • Images come in a variety of sizes (1×1, 9:16 for stories and reels and 5:7 being the most common)
  • 250 High-resolution JPEG – 3700x5200px – this way you can zoom in on details and turn the 250 photos into an infinite amount of content visuals, just by zooming in on the details