As you can see, we live in an age of technological progress! These days, searching for different products and services becomes as easy as ABC. Thanks to the numerous modern digital items, life becomes more and more comfortable every single day. As a result, today’s customers got used to it. Thus, now, they expect you to know everything about all these trendy stuff. What’s even more important, your prospects are actually expecting you to have all of these on your website. Are you a designer, a developer, or a marketing specialist? In this case, don’t you think there is no need to disappoint your audience?

Technological Progress

So, when it comes to business, it comes to website building as well. There’s no secret, nowadays, there is no startup or company that can survive without a professional online project. And it does not matter which business niche you cover. Everyone needs their stylish website to be done! Fortunately, there’s nothing complicated. In 2019, you can run and design an outstanding site without trouble. There are no coding skills needed! It became possible thanks to lots of ready-to-use products that appear every season. 

Still, today’s selection will be useful not only for non-techies. In case you are a designer or a developer, stay tuned! This post will show you how to further your work without sacrificing quality! In fact, today, you should definitely know all the recent trends. 

For example, here is how you can create a vintage effect with photoshop actions. In case you are the one who looks for perfection in every detail, this post is your must-see!

Would you like to stand out from the crowd? Well, you can do it only when all the features and UI elements are used properly. Besides, you should also always know which things are in trend right now!

To start with, in 2019, Instagram is still one of the most popular social media platforms. Just take a look at the recent statistics. According to it, in 2019:

  • 1 billion people use Instagram every month, 
  • 500 million of these people use Instagram every day, 
  • 35% of all online adults use Instagram,
  • 28% of them are from the US,
  • 95 million users post on Instagram every day,
  • there is an 80% increase that raises every year.

As you can see, there are many people who like spending time on Instagram. That’s why you surely need to connect your business site to this social media! Furthermore, there are lots of ways to get more followers on Instagram in an organic way! Check out this post to see that everything is just as simple as it gets! All you need to do is to learn the way Instagram works.

In addition, to get successful, you should use Insta hashtags properly. Check out the list of top Instagram hashtags to stay in trend! The activity of your business page depends on the tags you use!

Needless to say, social integration is not the only way to develop your deal. There are so many ace products to choose from! However, the variety is extra rich. Today, you can find anything pre-designed and ready-made for you. There are even gift ideas for graphic designers! Like the post mentioned above, this article will show you the list of most helpful things any designer would be glad to get.

So, what should you start with? That’s why we decided to create this selection. Below you can see 5 top bundles anyone should see in 2019.

#1 Spring Garden Watercolor Collection Bundle

Let’s start with this eye-catching garden watercolor bundle that ideally depicts summer mood! To make a long story short, the collection includes 120 items. There are such cute summer elements like leaves, flowers, braces, and so on. You can easily combine them in various flower compositions according to your personal taste. All of them are handcrafted are 100% flexible. Besides, the pack contains 26 .png scenes that are also ready-made. They are elegant frames, floral corners, wreaths, etc. So, this light bundle would be an amazing gift for photographers and designers. So, in case you have no idea about which present you should get, don’t miss this post!

With the help of the bundle, you can create such things as:

  • posters,
  • colorful prints,
  • invitations,
  • gift (or any other) cards, and much more!

Needless to say, all the files you will find in the bundle are versatile, unique, and high-quality. The resolution is up to 14000 px. To sum everything up, here is what you will get with this summer Garden Watercolor Collection Bundle:

  • 120 floral elements with a transparent background,
  • 10 floral wreaths with transparent background,
  • 6 floral frames with transparent background,
  • 6 floral compositions with transparent background,
  • 4 floral corners with transparent background,
  • and new 12 summer illustrations as a bonus.

And all of there you can get for $12!

#2 Wild Forest Watercolor Collection Bundle

Here is another watercolor illustrations bundle which is definitely worthy of your attention! Like the previous collection, this pack comes with lots of unique extra elements that include flower frames and neat post stamps. Here is what you’ll get for $9 only:

  • 6 wild animal illustrations with transparent background,
  • 65 floral elements with a transparent background,
  • 5 big and 5 small floral frames transparent background,
  • 2 forest illustrations,
  • and 10 watercolor backgrounds.

#3 20 Premium PowerPoint And Keynote Templates

The name of this bundle speaks for itself, so let’s quickly move to the features you can see in its pack. Paying $39, you will get:

  • 13 Powerpoint templates.
  • 7 Keynote templates,
  • unlimited color options, 
  • modern slides, 
  • unique layouts and additional functions,
  • free fonts, and much more!

And these features are just to name a few! Looks like this bundle should be added to the official list of best Valentine’s day gifts for nerds. That’s how you can make a perfect gift to your beloved nerdie!

#4 200 Girly Gold Pink Textured Bundle

When it comes to our next bundle, here is the product which will add the long-awaited summer vibes to any project. Both material or digital! This charming bundle contains:

 200 elements divided into the following categories:

  • lavender,
  • hot pink,
  • barbie pink, 
  • pure pink, 
  • iris, 
  • electric purple,
  • peachy dreams, 
  • strawberry girl, 
  • orchid, 
  • violet, 
  • and tender pink.

It costs $15 only!

#5 45 Renewable Energy Ecology Icons Bundle

When building your site or promoting your startup, you should keep in mind that every detail matters. Even such tiny elements as the fonts and the icons you use influence the reputation of your business. That’s why we recommend you to view out this modern icons bundle. The pack costs only $6 and provides you with:

  • 45 icons in 2 styles, (line and solid)
  • well-organized set in AI and EPS vector files,
  • changeable colors and shapes,
  • 100% vector icons that are easy in customization.

#6 Top-Selling Resume & CV Bundle

If you are interested in putting the best foot forward when applying for a job position, you certainly need to take a glance at this professionally-looking resume template. It is capable of representing your work and skills in the best possible light. These are the components and opportunities that you will get for $30:

  • 10 well-designed resume and CV templates;
  • excellent layouts that make it easier to get familiar with your information;
  • the opportunity to show off all the necessary pieces of information about your knowledge and experience.

#7 96 Easter Bunny and Egg Illustrations

Despite the fact that we have already celebrated Easter, you can grab this collection of lovely vector images. Each of them was hand-drawn, then scanned, and converted into these very Easter vector images. Actually, what are you going to get for $26?

  • 96 topical drawings and paintings with bunny rabbits, Easter eggs, baskets, flowers, and bows;
  • images in EPS, AI, and PNG files.

#8 46 Fruits and Vegetable Illustrations

One of the best bundles with fruits and vegetables that are suitable for different kinds of projects. There are no limits in terms of their use – you are free to print them and decorate your projects. The package will cost you $26 and you will get the following elements:

  • 46 paintings in PNG, AI, and EPS formats;
  • grapes, mountains, vines, apples, and corn illustrations.

#9 10 in 1 Professional Resume Bundle

It is crucial to make a great first impression on your potential employer. This resume bundle can be used for a wide variety of jobs and industries. It costs $30. In general, there are multiple components that allow recommending your candidacy for a new place of employment:

  • fully-editable and customizable templates;
  • document and baseline grid
  • A4 and US letter size;
  • character and paragraph styles.