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Websites can be built from the scratch by using HTML coding and cascading stylesheets. Apparently when you want to do it from the ground, you need knowledge about coding and expertise in web designing. In addition, they should run smooth on computers.

However, readymade website templates have the advantages of speed, cost, choice, professional design for good looks and functionality. These templates can be customized by incorporating images, adding text or colors, changing fonts or styles according to your requirement. So when it comes to web design, many people prefer the use of templates. But what are web design templates?

Web design templates or website templates is a predesigned source that shows the structure for the comprehensive layout and display features for any website. There are number of responsive web design templates with CSS framework. You can modify, save and share in your projects. Generally companies want their sites to look attractive and impressive to gain the attention of the customers, for such purposes, the web design templates does a great job.

For example for creating a stunning business card, there are free business card templates so you can download and personalize. Making a great first impression is an important goal for every business, apparently, these business card design templates make it easy to get professional and quality business card without the need for the graphic designers. Are there any pros and cons in using these predefined templates? Let’s discuss about that in this article….

Pros and Cons of Using a Template for your Business

Over the years, templates have been extensively researched and amended by the developers based on design and marketing strategies. Design templates are popular and very effective for marketing purpose. When you are profit driven and bootstrapping your business, hiring web designer is going to be an expensive process and is completely out of question.  You can get started and get access to thousands of templates, designs and clip art from any computer.

  • For most businesses, an appealing website adds credibility to the business. Web design templates serve as an effective tool for designing a potentially and professionally appealing websites because these templates are designed by industry professionals
  • Custom design websites when not designed by professional developer sometimes end up looking similar to other websites. If you don’t want your website to look similar to others in the same business, then you can use a custom design template to show variation to your site.
  • When it comes to building websites, there are myriad of way to cut corners to save on cost. Apparently this can be effectively accomplished with the use of templates.


Although templates may seem like a convenient and easiest way to create a site, apparently when you want to stand out from the crowd, custom built site are rather a better choice in the long run. However not all business is ready to spend time on money in creating a custom built site. So use these free design templates and make a foundation for your next project.