CSS Landing Page Templates
35+ Responsive HTML5 Landing Page Themes
HTML5 Landing Page Themes: The HTML5 landing page themes & templates are the foundation of several ventures. A person setting up a business, designing various tools and game related things, managing various projects etc. all comes under this. There are so many different kinds of Free HTML5 landing page themes available online. These are as follows- Apps Craft one of the popular html5 landing page templates, Pages templates, and themes, Cumulo. Wolverine templates and themes, Marquez templates and themes, LeadGen one of the important templates and themes. Pivot templates and themes, Massive templates, Jango templates used to speed up the work [...]
24+ SEO Landing Page Templates
The best way to boost any online business or traffic is by having a SEO Landing Page Templates. Landing page templates have given the online marketers a lot of advantage. These online marketers pretty much rely on these to convert the traffic into sales or sign-ups. A fantastic SEO landing page will increase the web traffic. An effective SEO landing page will do its job of optimizing your conversions and bringing more customers to your business. Generally, a landing page is usually a one page website page. Once the visitors click on any advertisement or any link they get directed [...]
19+ Best EBook Landing Page Templates
You have invested hours into an eBook, making it the best you could and now how do you tell people that it is a must-read? For such a work, you need an eBook landing page. But to a create an eBook landing page that increases sales besides accumulating leads for your new publication, you need a template that helps you to create a high-converting home. Let us have a quick glance at some of the best eBook Landing Page Templates Free and what features earn them the rank. Capture triggers more download of your eBook while giving the read a plausible [...]