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Do you feel that your pdf and PowerPoint Templates For Business are kind of boring and stale? Do you want to make your audience wow at the way you present visual material? This is hardly possible if you use the standard means that PowerPoint offers you. However, you can change the situation in a twinkle of an eye if you go for one of the ready-made PowerPoint templates for business.

Why Buying a PowerPoint Template Can Be Beneficial For You?

  • Modern PowerPoint templates bring you an array of graphic designs that strikingly upgrade the way you and your audience perceive a PowerPoint presentation. They heavily rely on the recent trends in web design and deliver the top-notch visual experience that’s based on such principles as cleanness, sleekness and minimalism.
  • What’s more, the top-notch PowerPoint templates come with 50 – 100 ready-made slides that let you save your time on creating tables, charts, diagrams and other infographics.
  • It’s worth mentioning that modern PowerPoint themes come with 1920×1080 px resolution (Full HD), ensuring the high-quality display of your slides.
  • At the same time, the themes are fully editable in PowerPoint. So, you don’t need any additional graphics software to edit the elements of a PowerPoint template.

So, if you go for one of the latest PowerPoint templates, you’re bound to smashingly modernize the look of your PowerPoint presentation without spending a lot of extra time on customizing it.

Where to Find the Beautiful PowerPoint Templates for Your Business?

There is a huge pool of PowerPoint template providers online. However, if you want to get a theme of high quality and modern look, you can trust just the biggest and well-established providers on the market. Among them, it’s hard to pass on visiting the TemplateMonster marketplace, one of the largest and most reputable template marketplaces. They offer a variety of templates for powering corporate websites, blogs and e-stores, as well as a wide range of stunning PowerPoint templates. Of course, their ready-made themes well-coded and polished, so you’re likely to satisfy if you go for one of them.

In this post, we bring you a set of 20+ most powerful PowerPoint templates for business. Check them out and do not hesitate to learn more about the items of your liking by pressing the ‘Details’ buttons below the screenshots. Let’s get started!

Zone: Modern and Bold PowerPoint Template

Zone PowerPoint Template 


Zone is an ultimately sleek and stylish PowerPoint theme that makes use of large captions and geometric shapes. Its bulleted lists and informative slides come in a variety of layouts and provide for visual diversity of your presentation. The theme includes 102 pre-made slides in total, so you’re bound to find the slides that fit you best out of the box.

Every: Ultimately Minimalist PowerPoint Theme

Every - Minimal PowerPoint Template


Every is a theme with a definite sense of style to it. The presentation template includes 80+ slides, as well as 800+ vector icons and 50+ device mockups. All the object placeholders of the presentation can moved around with simple drag-n-drop, which makes editing the presentation a true piece of cake.

Start Up: Bright and Energetic PowerPoint Design

Start Up PowerPoint Template


The StartUp template design is ideal for creating business-related presentations that urge to decisive action. The black-n-white colour palette of this theme is amplified with the sunny orange accent colour that makes it more visually diverse. With this presentation template, you can create timelines, graphs, mind maps and counters in no time, and you’re bound to enjoy the diversity of visual shapes the template offers.

Power: PowerPoint Template for Business

Power - PowerPoint Template


The Power theme has a business-oriented colour palette of dark grey and white that’s actualized by red colour accents. The template is based on Master Slides and offers you unlimited colour and background options as well as a wide choice of vector icons. With the theme, you get detailed documentation to get started, as well as the dedicated support.

Business Plan PPT: Multipurpose PowerPoint Theme

Business Plan PPT - Multipurpose PowerPoint Template


Business Plan PPT theme is the one that has modern material design and serves as an ultimate tool for a wide array of presentations. All the 100+ slides of the presentation come in 16:9 HD resolution and are Retina-ready. What’s more, the theme comes in light and dark versions and has 20 pre-made XML colour schemes included.

Clean Business Plan PowerPoint Template

Business Plan PowerPoint Template


Clean Business Plan PowerPoint template comes with 50+ unique multipurpose slides, switching between which you’ll firmly hold the attention of your audience. With this theme, you can create infographics, data charts, portfolios of works, team profiles, price tables and timelines with no hassle.

Peppy: Jazzy PowerPoint Template

Peppy PowerPoint Template


Peppy is a modern and upbeat PowerPoint template that tunes up your audience for positive interaction and turns your presentation into a fun experience. The theme includes a number of XML files that let you change the template’s color scheme with ease. The theme allows you to add images to the slides with drag-n-drop, which lets you finalize the project within a shorter period of time.

Pitch Pro: Professional PowerPoint Design

Pitch Pro PowerPoint Template


This PowerPoint theme has a minimalist look and lets you foster a lasting impression after your presentation. Not to mention, the template brings you a number of slide layouts and lets you diversify the presentation of the bulleted lists you create. The template lets you create slides with maps, infographics, galleries, SWOT analysis, calendars, smart objects, etc.

KitKat PowerPoint Presentation Template

KitKat PowerPoint Presentation Template PowerPoint Template


This powerful presentation template comes in light (white background) and dark (dark grey background) versions. It comes with a rich set of 127 slides that let you build smart and 3D infographics and appealing charts. What’s more, all the elements of the template are fully editable and can resized with no quality loss.

Green Energy: Ecology PowerPoint Template

Green Energy - PowerPoint Template


Are you about to deliver a presentation on matters of nature preservation and sustainability? The Green Energy PowerPoint template is the one to make your presentation awesome. The theme is supported in all the available PowerPoint versions (2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 365, etc.). That’s why you don’t have to update your software to take the full advantage of it.

MAX: Multipurpose PowerPoint Template Design

MAX - PowerPoint Template


MAX is a stunning PowerPoint template that delivers a cutting-edge design with 2000+ slides in total and 5 pre-made color schemes. The theme is scalable and comes in two popular aspect ratios: 4:3 and 16:9.

Xpress: Impressive PowerPoint Theme

Xpress PowerPoint Template


If you’re searching for an amazing template to impress your audience, you need Xpress, an ultra-modern presentation template that’s bound to boost your presentation manifold. The theme is based on Master Slides and brings you 60+ creative slide designs, some of which are animated for extended visual awe.

Beta: Creative PowerPoint Design

Beta - PowerPoint Template


Beta PowerPoint theme is more on the creative side of business templates. For a reasonable price, you get 60+ editable slides, the elements of which are fully resizable and drag-n-drop ready. Moreover, the theme is equipped with a one-click color changer that lets you use up to 150 stylish colors.

Reverta: Conceptual PowerPoint Presentation Template

Reverta PowerPoint Template


If you’re about to deliver a presentation on modern architecture and interior design, Reverta is a tool to take it up a notch. The ultimately chic design of the theme is fostered by slanted dividers and asymmetric shapes that keep your audience glued to the screen. The template lets you present your company and deliver the message with the help of quality visuals that are developed to impress.

Round: Well-rounded PowerPoint Template

Round PowerPoint Template


Round is a sleek PowerPoint template that’s build for business presentations and not only. The theme contains 9 .pptx files (150+ unique slides in total) in 16:9 HD format. With Round, there is no need to worry about the outdated software, as the template can opened in any version of PowerPoint.

DONE: Amazing Business PowerPoint Theme

Business PowerPoint Template


Are you fond of infographics, but don’t want to spend a lot of time on creating them? Then you need DONE, a PowerPoint template that comes with a number of prebuilt graphs, diagrams, mind maps, timelines, and much more that you just have to fill in. This drag-n-drop ready theme is simple in customization. Moreover, it comes with resourceful support, the team of which is ready to help in case you get lost or have questions.

Minimalis: Flat Design PowerPoint Template

Minimalis Powerpoint Template PowerPoint Template


If you want to inspire the audience with your proactivity and enthusiasm, you need Minimalis template that absorbs the best elements of the flat design. All the infographics of the theme are handmade bound to leave a lasting impression. What’s more, the theme is equipped with a thick pack of editable vector elements that you can modify up to your needs.

Vair Powerpoint Presentation Theme

Vair Powerpoint Presentation PowerPoint Template


Viar is a presentation template that lets you cast the limits of PowerPoint aside and deliver a top-notch presentation. It brings you beautiful imagery and tailored graphic elements adorned in either light or dark color scheme. The slides of the theme are based on Master Slides and are fully customizable with simple drag-n-drop.

FunPoint: Perfect PowerPoint Design

Perfect PowerPoint Template


With FunPoint, you can create a bubbly PowerPoint presentation. That’s bound to firmly grip the attention your audience. It brings you 60+ colour variations that you can implement with the help of THMX color files. In addition to this, the theme is fully animated is available in such formats as 16:9, 16:10, 4:3 and A4 HD Widescreen.

Flexible PowerPoint Template for Business

Flexible PowerPoint Template


Flexible is a multipurpose template for business presentations. It will make your presentation awesome, no matter what kinds of data you’re about to uncover. For the reasonable price of $20, Flexible provides you with an abundant set of 152 templates in HD format.

Creative: Marketing Agency PowerPoint Theme

Marketing Agency PowerPoint Template


If you’re searching for a theme that bridges business and creativity, you need the Creative marketing agency PowerPoint theme. Additionally, the template is based on the complimentary color scheme. That provides for high contrast and ensures good readability of the template text from every corner of the room. If you feel like, you can edit the charts of the template in Excel, which can simplify the process in case you have a lot of data to process.

First Goal PowerPoint Design

First Goal PowerPoint Template


This theme makes use of the trendy 2017 flat colour palette. And brings you a wide array of slide layout options. Shapes, graphics, fonts, sizes, scales and vectors of the theme are fully editable. So you bound to enjoy the full control over the visual material you’re about to present. In case you have any questions, a knowledgeable support theme will answer any questions about this template.

Yes: Stylish PowerPoint Template

Yes - PowerPoint Template


If you’re in search of a visually diverse PowerPoint theme. The one to please you to the fullest extent. It creatively weaves diamond shapes into its design, letting you create a coherent presentation with a sense of style. In addition, the theme has the 16:9 HD aspect ratio that’s ideal for wide screens.

Universe: Trendy Minimalist PowerPoint Theme

Universe PowerPoint Template


If you want to create a presentation that strikingly differs from a commonplace PowerPoint slide set, you need Universe. This theme offers you 204 clean, modern and creative slides and 4000+ vector icons. What’s more, some of the theme’s elements have optional animation.

Cardigan PowerPoint Template for Modern Business

Cardigan PowerPoint Template PowerPoint Template


Cardigan PowerPoint template is the one that lets your presentation look awesome by reflecting upon the latest web design trends. It makes use of mosaic grids, animation and gradient backgrounds to provide for a stunning appearance of your slides. Moreover, the template gives you full freedom in terms of customizing. Itscolourr scheme and adding background imagery of your liking.

Gradient: Clean PowerPoint Template Design

Gradient PowerPoint Template


Modern presentations are the ones that look clean and minimal. Gradient theme is the one that lets you take a PowerPoint experience of your audience to the next level. Above all, with this template. You get a chance to adjust literally every pixel of the theme to easily craft a presentation of your dreams.

Have you ever imagined that your PowerPoint presentations can this great? I hope you found the template that’s ideal for your upcoming presentation(s). We wish you to strike the audience with your creation!

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