After agriculture and industrial revolution, Internet technology is the third wave of revolution, which is the backbone of about Ecommerce. Every business boils down to buying and selling of goods or services. e-Commerce is the most efficient tool for today’s business. It is showing considerable outcome in all business industries. It facilitates both buyer and seller with online advertising and marketing. Online customer service, online order taking so on and so forth. In the perspective of moneymaking, it also reduces considerable overhead costs such as coordinating. With wide range of vendors, rents for the premises, managing various orders. Thus helps in making more money. As Internet is very much in reach for every other person. Businesses are increasingly using the Internet to promote their business activities.

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Electronic commerce commonly known as e-Commerce or ecommerce is buying or selling of goods or services on electronic systems such as Internet. Internet is the platform where a buyer and seller meet and any sort of transaction is taken place, this activity is termed as e-Commerce.

Basic process of e-Commerce starts with SEM – (search engine marketing), which involves advertising in search engine about goods and services provided by a company. For example – sponsored links or add links which appear on the top in the search engine result page(SERP). Unlike traditional online marketing such as advertising, SEM is one of the basic and most effective methods in attracting customers. Thus break-even point is achieved soon.

It depends on selecting an appropriate marketing channel. Which ultimately depends on which strategies are going to provide the greatest ROI. There are few firms which offer products and services through web which clearly stand. To gain from internet advertisement because their prospective customers are already online. Whereas the companies which are non web based. They may choose online marketing in order to increase exposure and promote brand. SEM plays major role to companies to closely track their ROI from an audience acquisition point. And also delivers ads to users who are already searching for the products. That an advertiser is offering meaning that they are only receiving required traffic. In most of the cases unlike traditional banner ads, advertisers are charged based on the number of clicks they receive, not on the number of impressions.

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PPC ads can be most effective in terms of driving home a brand name. Because they appear alongside search results for thousands of different search terms. SEM is mostly involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility. In SERP through about Ecommerce as well as through advertising. E-Commerce is classified into following types such as Business-Business, Business-Customer, Customer-Customer, and others like Government-to-Government and Business-to-Government.

E-Commerce is conducted using a variety of applications, such as email, online catalogs and shopping carts, EDI, File Transfer Protocol, and web services also associated with sending e-newsletters to subscribers. Most of the companies now try to attract customers directly online, using tools like digital coupons. And targeted advertisement so on and so forth, these benefits of e-commerce include. Its around-the-clock availability of goods and services for the consumer. The rise of about Ecommerce forces IT professionals to move beyond infrastructure design and maintenance. And consider different customer issues like consumer data privacy and security.