The big commerce E-commerce templates are used by millions of people worldwide. These themes are business tycoons and leading companies. These templates helped to gather a lot of community’s feedback on a particular design. Hundreds of shops endorse themselves and provide good shopping experiences for the customers. With the help of these big commerce E-commerce, there are lots of different themes and a board range of products or commodities along with their catalog sizes are available.

There few important additional themes which included in these templates. These are like- Exhibit, Runway, Hero, and Atelier. The exhibit provides navigation, content slots with multiple level brands, categories etc.

The Runway also provides navigation of sidebar, board images to attract or invite customers. The Hero provides drop-down menu options and also supports big catalogs. And the last, the Atelier provides unique features of navigation, high-quality products, and amazing commodity grid. This template has a flexible feature.With the help of theme editor, these templates provide added options of editing color across the templates, customizable and a person can finely tune with the help of other features for their stores.

Sometimes the white spaces used in these templates so that people notice those themes or templates. The presence of editorial contents on these E-commerce Creative templates helps to read the brand’s story. The option of drop-down menus and “mega menus” provides a good support for the consumers to view the large products catalog before buying stuff.

Fashion eCommerce HTML5 Template