You can do almost anything with Joomla

In real life, we need to accomplish specific goals and it is easier to accomplish our goals if we choose the right tools. Joomla powers approximately 2.7% of the largest websites in the world. It reigns supreme and rightly sits atop of the Iron throne of CMS. But what is Joomla?

Joomla is a free and an open source content management system for publishing web content. It is mobile ready and user friendly way to create your website. This CMS connects your website to MySQL or any other databases in order to make content management and delivery easier for both site manager and visitor.

Since its inception from the Mambo CMS, the popularity of this open source CMS is skyrocketing. The major advantage of using this software is, it removes the technical aspect of setting up and running up a website. Since 2007, shape 5 has created some of the best Joomla templates, which has number of modules and versatile extensions used to modify pages.

There are major benefits of using Joomla for your website. Let us discuss in detail in this article

Benefits of Joomla for your website

You can almost anything with Joomla. Joomla users love their website without sacrificing the ease of use. Out of the numerous advantage of using Joomla, some are listed below

  • Free of Cost – Small businesses are reaping benefits with free open source softwares. Small business owners doesn’t have the time and resources to find cost effective solutions. Apparently, Joomla templates comes as an aid to tailor their needs with their large number of modules and keep your expenses down. While using Joomla, you don’t need any technical skills or content management knowledge because this tool does all the things for you and get your work done.
  • Time Saving Factor –Time is money for business of all types. Companies’ uses software for variety of reasons, but the primary goal is to save time and money. Rather than hiring contract employees or developers, Joomla templates save time in multiple ways and offer better service to the customers.
  • Powerful and easy menu creation tool – Joomla has powerful menus that have swept through web and app design like a hurricane. These plugin are effective for simplicity and flexibility. It is one of the best robust CMS that can extend beyond its default capabilities.
  • Joomla is SEO friendly –SEO marketing is the process of increasing the visibility of your website on search engine result pages. The main purpose of getting more visibility is to drive more traffic to your website. SEO helps small businesses to create fast and robust Joomla sites to rank higher in the search engine. Joomla templates are SEO friendly and can completely outperform WordPress.


Joomla helps its users integrating many ads and affiliates by just selecting the code and passing it to your Joomla website. If you are already using Joomla, you will know how powerful it is and how cost effective and if you aren’t join the race and grow your business.