Magneto Templates

Our Magento Responsive themes designed are perfect styles for online fashion store, electronic devices, selling bags, home and furnishing and many more themes

What do you know about Magneto themes

Magneto themes are known for the flexibility they offer. The consumers as well as their buying patterns have all changed so drastically and continue to change constantly. Therefore Magneto themes which are open source as well as highly agile can help the business in sustaining, adapting and thriving in an ever changing world.

Magneto themes have an ecosystem of more than 150000 developers and more than 300 solution partners that are highly trained and thus they are able to help you boost the online sales and increase the gross margins as well.

Why choose magneto themes

  • These are very popular the world over and help to increase the business, the sales and the footfall.
  • These also allow the platform to be extended and so a unique experience can be created for the user, the business owner and creator.
  • The community is large and it is very talented. This community is fast growing as well therefore there is no dearth of help and support that is needed when the business owner or creator of the site gets stuck or needs to add any sort of functionality.
  • You can get support for minimal cost and most of the time the support extended is free.
  • The architecture is powerful to meet all kinds of needs and suit all kinds of sites catering to all kinds of business.
  • This is easily scalable
  • The code is reusable and it is easy to maintain, debug as well as get support for.
  • The concepts are easy to handle and that too it is very organized. These are simple and grouped, bundled as well as configurable and offer digital and virtual products.
  • These can be used for selling services and products at the same time without having extensions
  • The extensions to Magneto templates are easy to integrate and they are not expensive either

However, this also offers certain disadvantages.

Disadvantages of magneto templates

  1. These magneto templates run on PHP and the architecture is like Java applications but the code is written using PHP. The issues however happen due to running PHP. This requires a lot of RAM when there is a lot of processes and sometimes inspite of heavy hardware which is used, this still faces PHP issues
  2. It is slow when it is used on single and small servers. This however can be mitigated using caching layers or powerful servers.
  3. There are large amounts of data which is indexed by PHP and also this data is then compiled to flattened tables to help performance when there is limited storage. This in some way helps speed PHP as the autoloading of PHP is eliminated and that stops the thinking time.
  4. This is not hacked together
  5. This involves a long learning curve which is steep. This also requires the person to know OOP/Java or even PHP Zend Framework.
  6. This is complicated when seen from an admin or user point of view.