Bootstrap Templates

Find 100+ free and Premium Website Bootstrap Templates which are helpful in creating a website, download and use these templates for your personal or commercial websites.

What do you know about bootstrap templates

A bootstrap template website offers bootstrap code either from Javascript, CSS or HTML. Using this code, one can create their own website. The way it works is that the person downloads the kind of template they require and find most suitable. Then they need to make the changes that are necessary so that the website gets personalized.

Bootstrap templates are good as these are easy to customize. All that is needed is just a basic knowledge with regards HTML and CSS.

Bootstrap templates are amazing as they are used by new developers as a crutch. The bootstrap makes the site building faster. This helps especially for various aspects which are needed by almost all websites. For example, in order to create a rounded button which has a gradient, the code needed would take atleast 15-20 minutes to write. However, rather than wasting this time for every button on each and every website, the same code can be reused with minor modifications. Thus it saves not only time but also a lot of money as well.

There are bootstrap templates for creating modals, navigation bars, dropdowns, tables, grids, buttons, so on and so forth. Bootstrap templates also help people who do not have time to find browser compatibility and other advanced features.

Why use bootstrap templates

There are a number of reasons why one should use bootstrap templates.

  1. These are not only easy to use but they also help to speed up the entire process. These are adaptable and you can use these templates with CSS or LESS and you can also use them with Sass.
  2. These are used for creating responsive websites which are almost mandatory in today’s world. These help in creating of mobile ready sites which are smooth and easy and there are ready made classes which not only recognize the spots in the grid that each column needs to be engaged in but you can even identify at which point the columns need to load when considered in the horizontal position instead of the vertical position and so it shows the user accurately on their mobile devices.
  3. These bootstrap templates increases the speed at which the sites are created.
  4. These can be customized based on your project and it’s design. You can select whichever aspects you need and those aspects which are not needed can be ticked off.
  5. This helps you to get consistency
  6. It has a huge group where if you get stuck you can get answers to your questions. The support offered for bootstrap templates are overwhelming
  7. This allows the user to completely leave out if he or she wants from writing scripts completely.
  8. It can easily be integrated to other frameworks and platforms
  9. It comes with prestyled components which further save time.
  10. These can use the 12 column grid and it also supports nested elements and offset as well so a responsive mode can be maintained.

These are some reasons why bootstrap templates are used.