If you keep a close eye on the latest news and innovations in the WordPress community, then you should have heard about Elementor page builder. Have you tried this page builder already? Does it include enough tools and features for the quick start of your web project? If your answer is “no”, then CrocoBlock subscription service is exactly what you need.

From this particular moment, you may forget about the necessity to look for extra plugins and templates for your new web projects. Simply grab the subscription and you will get all that you need to be delivered to you in a single pack.

CrocoBlock Elementor Subscription - Must-Have Service for All Elementor Fans
CrocoBlock – What Is It?

CrocoBlock is the ultimate subscription service that provides literally everything that you need to work with Elementor page builder. It gives you access to more than 1000 sections, ready-made pages for Elementor, and a number of Jet plugins covering a range of purposes. Some of the tools provide you with the freedom to create versatile header and footer areas for your site code-free. Some others let you create useable mega menus with the help of widgets that are included in the page builder, etc.

There are 10 Jet plugins in the subscription. They include extensions suited for blogging purposes, creating tabs and accordions, etc.

CrocoBlock Elementor Subscription - Must-Have Service for All Elementor Fans

Using Crockoblock subscription, you’ll be able to access all Jet plugins without any limitations. Even if you’ve never worked with the page builder or just learn how it works, there is no doubt in the fact that you will find the subscription service useful.

So, how does it work? How to install CrocoBlock products and enjoy all benefits to the fullest?

How to Install Crockoblock Package

In order to use CrocoBlock products, you need to purchase a subscription and create an account at CrocobBlock. In order to get the products, log in to your account and navigate to the Download block that’s placed on the left.

CrocoBlock Elementor Subscription - Must-Have Service for All Elementor Fans

CrocoBlock subscription includes 3 different packages that you can select based on your needs:

  1. Super Easy Installation will be useful for those users who would like to get all components installed automatically. The package contains JetThemeWizard, which will install Kava theme, Jet plugins, and give you the freedom to select any skin of your own choice.
  2. Easy Installation Pack can be used by those of you who have already installed a theme and added Elementor page builder to a WordPress-based website. Choosing this pack, you’ll be able to enrich your website with CrocoBlock products.

For example, you can install CrocoBlock Dashboard, which will provide you with the quick access to all Jet plugins, 30 Elementor skins suited for different topics, and a large library of pre-designed sections. Additionally, you’ll be given the chance to install Kava theme separately just in case you’d like to try how it works.  

  1. Plugins pack will come in handy to everyone who already uses some of Jet plugins on WordPress sites. In order to add the remaining extensions to your online project, you can download the products from this block and install the extensions that are missing.

In order to get pre-styled skis sections and skins, all you need to do is installing the JetThemeCore plugin. If you choose any of the most popular WordPress themes like Astra or GP, you can always install  JetThemeCore compatibility pack.

If you’ve chosen either Easy or Super Easy Installation pack, you’ll need to install and activate JetThemeWizard plugin through your WordPress Dashboard. The installation will run automatically.

As per the separate installation of Jet plugins, there are also a couple of benefits that you can derive from using this method. For example, you can divide the package in case you use the Single Yearly License. In such a way, you can use JetBlog plugin on one project and leave JetMenu or JetEngine for a different one.

Skins inside the CrocoBlock Subscription

In order to access skins, install and activate the JetThemeCore plugin. This will add the CrocoBlock Dashboard to your site, thus, providing you with the quick access to all skins, pre-designed pages, and plugins that are recommended to be used on your site.

Currently, there are 30 different skins available on the CrocoBlock demo page. These can be applied for a range of topics, including personal pages, blogs, business, corporate sites, etc. There is a bunch of Elementor-based landing pages and a variety of additional pre-designed pages that are intended to be used for the home page of your site, portfolio, about section, etc.

CrocoBlock Elementor Subscription - Must-Have Service for All Elementor Fans
Pre-Designed Sections Magic

CrocoBlock brings the concept of the Magic Button to the whole new level. It provides you with the quick access to all the pre-designed elements that can be added to your web page with a single click.  CrocoBlock Elementor Subscription - Must-Have Service for All Elementor Fans

Simply open Elementor Editor and find the Magic Button there. Click it, and you see all sections, archives, footers, headers, pages, etc., being categorized carefully and available for preview. As soon as you decide what elements you’d like to  add to your site, simply hover it and click “Insert”.

Powerful Jet Plugins on Board

CrocoBlock Elementor Subscription - Must-Have Service for All Elementor Fans
Working with Elementor page builder suggests that you mainly use widgets that are added to the Elementor editor’s sidebar. You can drag and drop any of them to add different pieces of data to the pages of your site, and adjust the way they look and feel absolutely code-free.

Elementor is also known for the rich selection of add-ons. Some of them are well-suited for adding widgets to a different area of your site, whereas others can extend the functionality of the page builder to the great degree.

Jet plugins are the most popular Elementor addons. These include JetElements, JetBlog, JetMenu, etc.

Choosing CrocoBlock subscription, you get access to all Jet plugins at once. At the moment, there are 10 Jet plugins available. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

As soon as you install JetElements addon, you’ll see 30 additional widgets being added to the Elementor editing page. These include Advanced Carousels, Scroll Navigation, Posts Layouts, Parallax scrolling effects for sections, etc. If you do not need all widgets provided by JetElements addon, then you can go ahead and disable as many as you wish via Elementor > JetElements settings.

CrocoBlock Elementor Subscription - Must-Have Service for All Elementor Fans

With the help of JetMenu, you can create useable and functional mega menus featuring the unique style and content. There is the possibility to create style presets that can be applied to multiple menus depending on their location within your site’s layout.  

CrocoBlock Elementor Subscription - Must-Have Service for All Elementor Fans
JetWooBuilder will be especially useful for everyone building eCommerce projects with the help of Elementor page builder. With its help, you can build versatile WooCommerce product layouts, stunning online stores with the single product pages, etc.

CrocoBlock Elementor Subscription - Must-Have Service for All Elementor Fans

In order to use the addon, you will need to create several WooCommerce products first.

Next, add a new template for the product in WooCommerce > JetWoo Templates block, and select a pre-designed template that is best suited to be applied to the layout.

The add-on gives you the freedom to choose from 15 widgets that are intended to add different content blocks to your Elementor-based web page. These include product images, descriptions, related items, etc. Additionally, you’ll be able to use 4 widgets to display products and products taxonomy layouts, i.e. Categories, Products List, Products Grid, and Taxonomy Tiles.

Using JetBlocks you’ll feel the ease of enhancing your website with the login and registration forms, authorization links, shopping cart, and breadcrumbs, all of which are simply essential to establish a reliable and effective web presence.  

CrocoBlock Elementor Subscription - Must-Have Service for All Elementor Fans

As the name suggests, using JetBlog plugin you’ll be able to make the blogging functionality of your site more usable and visually stunning. For example, you’ll be able to showcase custom posts in the form of creative listings, add video playlists, display custom fields, and apply complex query methods.  

CrocoBlock Elementor Subscription - Must-Have Service for All Elementor Fans
The primary purpose of using JetTricks plugin is the necessity to add more visual effects to your web page, like animated sections, element parallax effect, element satellite, etc. You can find the necessary animation effects for sections, columns, and widgets in the Advanced settings.  

CrocoBlock Elementor Subscription - Must-Have Service for All Elementor Fans
Use JetTabs plugin to add templates built with Elementor into tabs and accordion blocks. You can switch between sections using the Switcher widget.  

CrocoBlock Elementor Subscription - Must-Have Service for All Elementor Fans
JetReviews is intended to be used for adding reviews and ratings to the web pages. Featuring vast style and layout settings, the plugin is rather easy to handle.

CrocoBlock Elementor Subscription - Must-Have Service for All Elementor Fans
JetThemeCore is the ultimate plugin that will help you deliver the unique look and feel to the header, footer sections, as well as help you create and edit archive and single post pages.

In order to access JetThemCore library, navigate to the admin panel > CrocoBlock > My Library. This is where you can add and edit the existing theme part templates. If you want to create a new theme part, click “Add New” and select the part that you want to add, i.e. header, footer, page, section, etc. Next, type in the title and click “Create Templates”. Once done, you’ll be able to edit the template with the help of the pre-styled Elementor sections.

Forget about using PHP or CSS in order to add and categorize Services, Portfolio, and Projects to your site. All this is made easier with JetEngine plugin. With its help, you can add the dynamic content to Elementor page builder, as well as use it as a standalone unit for the creation of custom post types, custom taxonomies, and meta boxes. Using the plugin, you will feel the ease of adding custom post types and custom fields for various types of content. Also, it works with the repeaters, making it quicker and easier to create several repeating fields.

The plugin makes it effortless to display meta fields or repeaters on your site’s pages using a set of widgets delivering different pieces of the dynamic content in a stylish way. These are Dynamic Field, Dynamic Repeater, Dynamic Image and Dynamic Meta widgets. Additionally, the plugin lets you create custom post and term layouts with the help of Listing Grid widget for Elementor.

Top Reasons to Try CrocoBlock Subscription

CrocoBlock Elementor Subscription - Must-Have Service for All Elementor Fans
There are plenty of benefits that you can derive from the subscription. These include:

  • regular products updates;
  • new plugins and skins added to the updates;
  • choosing the Unlimited License, you’ll be able to use the products for the unlimited number of projects;
  • professional 24/7 support.

Buying CrocoBlock subscription, you may feel confident that all Elementor templates and plugins that you use are updated regularly and remain compatible with the latest versions of the page builder.

CrocoBlock Elementor Subscription - Must-Have Service for All Elementor Fans
In fact, when buying the subscription, you’ll get more than what you’ve paid for, especially if you’ve chosen the Lifetime Unlimited License. This guarantees that you will be provided with the new Jet products and skins as soon as those are released.

So, if you enjoy working with Elementor page builder as much as we do and want to keep all Elementor essentials always handy, then CrocobBlock subscription service is exactly what you need to be more productive at work.