What do you know about Magneto templates

What do you know about Magneto templates?

Magneto templates or Magneto themes are famous for the flexibility that they offer. The consumers, as well as their buying patterns, have all changed so drastically continue to improve constantly. Therefore Magneto themes which are open source, as well as highly agile, can help a business in sustaining, adapting and thriving in an ever-changing world.

Magneto templates have an ecosystem of more than 150000 developers consist of more than 300 highly-trained solution partners. Thus, they can help you boost your online sales and increase the gross margins as well.

Why choose magneto themes?

  • These are very popular the world over and can help to increase the business, sales, and the overall footfall.
  • It will also allow extending the platform, and so a unique experience can created for a user, the business owner, and the creator.
  • The community is large and is very talented. This community is growing fast as well. Therefore, there is no shortage of help support when it may needed. When a business owner or creator of a site gets stuck or needs to add any functionality, they can do it quickly.
  • You can get support for minimal cost and most of the time the support extended is free.
  • The architecture is robust to meet all kinds of needs and to suit all types of sites catering to all sorts of business.
  • It is easily scalable
  • The code is reusable, and it is easy to maintain, debug, as well as to get support for it.
  • The concepts are straightforward to handle, and it is easy to organize them. These are simple and grouped, bundled as well as configurable and offer digital and virtual products.
  • You can use it for selling services and products at the same time without having extensions
  • The extensions to Magneto templates are easy to integrate, and they are not expensive either

However, they also suffer from certain disadvantages.

Disadvantages of magneto Templates

  1. These magneto templates run on PHP. The architecture is like Java applications, but the code is written using PHP. However, the issues happen due to running PHP. It requires a lot of space on the Random Access Memory when there is a lot of processes. Sometimes, in spite of heavy hardware, it still faces PHP issues
  2. The is usually slow while using it on single and small servers. However, this can mitigated using caching layers or powerful servers.
  3. There are vast amounts of data which is indexed by PHP. This data is then compiled to flattened tables to help performance when there is limited storage. In some ways, it can help to speed up the PHP as the autoloading of PHP is eliminated and that stops the thinking time.
  4. It is not hacked together
  5. involves a long learning curve which is steep. It also requires the person to know OOP/Java or even PHP Zend Framework.
  6. It is a bit complicated when seen from an admin or user point of view.
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