Free Paper Textures and similar textures look really elegant as the background for a website. This is the reason that there are so many websites that provide Collection Seamless Marble Textures of the paper texture helps to make the images on the website stand out and thus helps you create that elegant looking website. These textures are available for free.
The search for the right kind of texture should only end when you are able to find the one that allows you to do photoshop in the content paper textures. This is a great way of being able to make the desired changes to the texture and the background.

Commercial Paper Texture

Stain Splatter Old Paper Texture Collection

Word-Button1 Paper Textures Collection Design

Old Paper Stack Texture Collections

Word-Button1Sample Paper Textures Design

Old Grunge Vintage Paper Texture

Word-Button1Old Paper Textures Design

Old Grunge Creased Paper Texture

Word-Button1Illustrator  Paper Textures Design

High Resolution Old Paper Textures

Word-Button1Vintage Photo Paper Texture

4 Photoshop Vintage Paper Textures

Word-Button1PSD  Paper Textures Design

4 PSD Old Paper Grunge Textures

Word-Button1 Quality  Paper Textures Design

High Quality Ancient Paper Textures

Word-Button1 Paper Textures Background Design

Old Vintage Paper Background Textures

Word-Button1Digital  Paper Textures Design

Old Digital Paper Textures

Word-Button1Music Notes Paper Texture

Vintage Music Notes Digital Paper Texture

Word-Button1Simple  Paper Textures Design

Adobe Old Paper Illustrator Textures

Word-Button1Overaged  Paper Textures Design

Ancient Scripture Papers Textures

Word-Button1Technology Script Paper Texture

Ancient Aircraft Technology Script Paper Textures

Word-Button1Torned Old Paper Texture

Torned Old Paper texture

Word-Button1Aging Old Paper Texture Design

Dirty Old Paper Texture

Word-Button1Old White & Black Paper Texture

Old White Paper Textures

Word-Button14 Old Paper Bag Texture

Earthed Old Paper Textures

Word-Button1Download Paper Textures Design

Vintage Digital Paper Textures

Word-Button1Human Organs Research  Paper Texture

Human Organs Research Old Paper Scripts Texture

Word-Button1Premium  Paper Textures Design

Scartched Vintage Papers Paper Textures

Word-Button1Abstract Paper Texture Pack

Abstract Antique Paper Texture Pack

Word-Button1Elderly  Paper Textures Design

Vintage Distressed Paper Textures

Word-Button1Seamless Old Paper Texture

Seamless Paper Texture

Word-Button1Free Paper Texture

Crumpled Old Papers Texture