Marketing PHP Themes Going to the convention, as we were earlier discussing, things have been very easy to do owing to the encompassing service of www domain. Now if you may ask how did everything change so swiftly?

The answer to this question is definitely very easy. It all started back in the early twenty first century or the2000s. Fed up with the clutches of a licensing system and the growing cost of launching a website. An independent group of web developers and designers created a convention or protocol. Which resulted in the reaction of themes or templates.

Now, what is a theme or a template? IT is nothing but the skeleton of a website, that readily used to create a blog or a website. This move was unprecedented and revolutionary in it's impact. Now everyone can have their own website if needed. Riding on top of this web, trade, and commerce got a huge boost to move forward.

As with the websites, the easy availability of internet ensured the web presence of a large number of people every day. And this led to the opening up of one after one commercial and marketing websites to tap into that immense consumer field. This resulted in a marketing boom, the market became much more interactive, competitive and convenient for the end user.

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