Multifly – Responsive Shopify Theme [Review + Infographics]

First things first, in 2018, it’s important to have your pro website done. Luckily, today, you won’t need to lose big money on the services of a web designer. Should I remind you that humanity already has a lot of ready-to-use website themes? They provide future website owners with a stress-free site launching. Besides, there are no special or coding skills required. That’s why I can say that now everyone is able to run the desired site. As the name of the post says, here I’m about to review one of the custom Shopify themes. Its name is Multi fly and this Shopify theme has multiple things to view out. So, what’s inside the pack of Multiply? Are there all the must-have options you need to build a top-notch online project? Which business niches the theme covers and which features you should look for before all else? Here is what I’m going to talk about, so let’s get started!

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What Is Multiply?

Let’s start with the main info! Multiply is a fresh multipurpose theme for an online shop. It’s based on a popular eCommerce platform – Shopify. Like all the premium Shopify mobile themes, Multiply comes with numerous trendy web design elements. I’ll view out the full list a little bit later and now let’s see the general features!

You will find:

  • various full-fledged sets of pages that are 100% pre-designed,
  • responsive design, which means that your online shop will look awesome no matter which device a prospect prefers to use,
  • mobile-friendly design that makes all the needed site sections scrollable from mobiles,
  • cross-browser compatibility,
  • SEO-ready and clean code,
  • lots of readable web fonts,
  • premium plugins,
  • visual effects,
  • UI components,
  • drag & drop functionality, and much more!

Besides, Multiply is a lightweight item! The theme passes the Page Speed Insights test and shows the perfect scores.

Creator-friendly Interface

Who can work with Multiply? That’s a nice question because Multiply is a multipurpose product. You already know that the theme is a good choice for any online shop. So, is it easy to work with Multiply? Let’s see!

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To make a long story short, Multi fly is simple in use. It’s easy to install the theme. Talking about the updates, they will be installed automatically. What’s more important, Multi fly is an easy-to-customize product. The users of any skill levels can work with the theme. You don’t need to have any website building experience because Multi fly is a creator-friendly and code-free theme. Thanks to its powerful and handy interface, you will quickly understand how everything works.

All the details of Multi fly are responsive and versatile. Therefore, you can literally change anything. Styling your website has never been easier! Among the features of Multi fly, there is a fast Theme Color Switcher. The option offers to change the design of the online shop in a single click.

Which Skins Multi fly Contains?

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When it comes to choosing a worthy multipurpose theme, you should make sure that the product covers the needed business niches. What about Multifly? This multifunctional theme has 7 unique skins to choose from. Here are the topics these ready-made pages are related to:

  • fashion store in 2 styles,
  • building material store,
  • wholesale store,
  • electronic store,
  • cosmetics store,
  • jewelry store.

Basically, the design of Multifly is simple, colorful, and attractive. It’s also versatile, which means you can change any detail. For these simple reasons, I’d say that Multifly allows a user to run any kind of online shop. Yep, you can just pick a set of pages to get your web shop just out of the box. On the other hand, there are a lot of users who prefer to work with the unique pages. And you can do it as well! How? That’s what the brand-new Shopify Visual Builder was added for.

Visual Builder

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Here’s another vital aspect for any website owner: how to create new pages? Choosing Multifly, a user gets a comfy Shopify Visual Builder. Its work is based on drag & drop technology. Therefore, all you have to do is:

  • select the UI component or the feature you prefer,
  • pick it,
  • and drag to the editor.

That’s it! Inside the builder, you will see the pre-packed library. It consists of multiple web design elements, so you won’t even need to look for them separately.

Multifly’s Navigation

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Talking about the popularity of your website, you have to make sure that its navigation is classy. Let’s see which features Multifly has for it! To start with, to get success, you should always let a shopper find exactly what they are searching for. For these simple reasons, Multifly offers you to work with Mega Menu.

Actually, this plugin is one of the recent web design trends. And here is why.

  1. Firstly, Mega Menu allows you to create the menus of any complicity. It means that you can use categories and subcategories if needed. What is more, the plugin allows you to work with a really great number of pages or sections.
  2. Secondly, you can improve the menu design with the help of icons, banners, images, etc. Furthermore, you can even use some animations and visual effects!
  3. Thirdly, Mega Menu is the thing, which can organize your web design and sort the content in a smart way.
  4. Besides, using the plugin, you can really boost site’s SEO results.
  5. Finally, Mega Menu comes in a minimalist style, so it won’t overload the website look. Still, the feature allows you to put tones of info into the menu!


Among the other features Multifly has, there are such things as multilingual and multi-currency content. Making an online shop multilingual, a user increases the audience automatically. It’s simple because many online shoppers say that they prefer to buy things in the shops that have their native language. To say more, your prospect would prefer the native-speaking website even if they know the language you use. Why? Well, just because people mostly use shopping as the way to relax. They don’t want to lose time and think about the translation.

On the other hand, making your online shop multi-currency will be the next wise step. Show your prices in the needed currency, so people won’t need to count how much an item costs. That’s how one can make their website a real go-to place!

Multifly’s Shop

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Needless to say, Multifly is a real flagship, which was made for online shops. That’s why you should expect a lot! Today, eCommerce is definitely the fastest and the easiest way to develop your business. Just think about it! You can sell your goods and enter the global market without paying a rent! So, which features Multifly has for your online shop? Here is a small list of must-haves.

  • Opening the pack of Multifly, you will get Ajax-based cart. It means that a shopper will be able to add the items to the cart and remove them in a single click. They won’t need to reload the page or something like that.
  • Also, there’s a modern Add To Wish list feature that is based on Ajax as well.
  • Needless to say, Product Quick View is the next must-have you should remember about. Working with Multifly, website owner get not only the feature but many additional functions too. For example, you will have space for a full and a quick description for a product.
  • Surely, Multifly provides you with star ratings for products.
  • Plus, there’s Testimonials feature. With it, you can showcase the review of a customer in a beautiful and even trendy way!

All of these were just to name a few! Now let’s move to the most impressing part of Multifly. Here are 5 top features the theme has to promote your goods.

  1. There’s Collections Catalog, which allows people to create eye-catching collections with your products. The shoppers will be able to add the collections to wishlist. Moreover, your prospects will be able to share these collections with friends and followers via popular social media.
  2. Undoubtedly, you won’t get a pro online shop without the worthy sorting options. It will help you to create a stylish design and comfy navigation at the same time.
  3. Thirdly, Multifly comes with Featured Products. This option offers website owner to highlight their best items. Pick the products you want and put them to the main page of your online shop.
  4. What’s more, the theme has Look book Section in the pack. In case you want to emphasize some special products, don’t miss the feature!
  5. Finally, inside Multifly’s package you will find stunning Scrapbook Sections.

What else will you get choosing Multifly? Let’s view out more features!

So, this Shopify theme comes with such things as:

  • slider to show your products in all their glory,
  • a fresh logo list,
  • some colorful banners to catch shoppers’ attention,
  • Product Carousel to organize your content,
  • Product Column,
  • and Brands to let clients find the needed items rapidly.

By the way, don’t forget that there’s Parallax scrolling inside! Using this visual effect, you can create a groundbreaking background. Here’s an easy way to guide shoppers through your content and do it in an interactive way!

To finish with, there’s Product Countdown feature in the pack of Multifly. Working with it, you get a small countdown timer. The design element shows how much time there’s left. Would you like to show such things as new arrivals coming soon? That’s how Product Countdown will help you. Besides, you can always use it to inform people about new sales, discounts, and special offers. Just check out the live demo of Multifly to see how everything works.

Multifly’s Contacts

Before we move to such points as theme’s price, let’s take a look at one more must-have. As the name of the paragraph says, here I’m going to tell you about contacts Multifly provides its owner with. Working with the theme, you get skins for your Contact Us page. Moreover, you can also place contact info in the header and footer of the online shop. What else you can do with it?

Here are some features you get with Multifly.

Quick Contact Form allows shoppers to contact you directly. People will be able to ask all their questions. Answer them whenever you have time for it.

There are Google maps to help shoppers find your office. The maps are really helpful. They will also show the best and the shortest way to your shop.

Without a doubt, there’s Newsletter Popup inside Multifly’s pack. As soon as you find regular audience, notify them about shop’s news. It could be literally anything. Share your achievements, new products, sales, and special offers.

Besides, there’s a creator-friendly blog inside Multifly. Use it to share more info with shoppers! Although it looks like an old-fashioned way to speak to the audience, blogs are still popular. You can make a trustworthy relations with shoppers thanks to your blog.

As I have already mentioned, social options were already added to Multifly’s package. Among them, you will see a bright Instagram Feed. Thanks to the feature, shoppers will not simply find you on social media… They will also see all the recent updates right on the home page!

Price And Technical Support

And now it’s time to answer a couple of popular questions. For starters, how much does Multifly cost? The regular price for the theme is $159. Still, don’t forget that there’s Black Friday coming soon. As expected, on Black Friday Multifly will get a charming discount – 50% off! Looks like it’s possible to run a classy online shop without running out of the budget.

What about technical support? The good news that it’s free! Choosing Multifly, a user gets free and friendly technical support. It is available 24/7, so contact the team whenever you need. To say more, this tech support is lifetime!

Final Thoughts!

To sum everything up, let’s say that Multifly is an ace Shopify theme, which comes with 7 ready-made sets of shop pages. Each of them is really flexible, so Multifly would be a perfect solution for selling and promoting your goods. The theme passed Page Speed Insights test with awesome scores because it’s lightweight. Besides, Multifly is truly responsive and 100% user-friendly. The the pack of the theme contains both important and voguish features. You can work with Multifly and customize any detail without trouble.

Opening the package of Multifly, you will get a pro online shop. Multilingual and SEO-friendly, it will fit any screen or browser. Multifly brings you many readable fonts to improve textual content, lots of visual effect, cool UI components, etc. Just view out the detailed information of Multifly!

To end with, tell me which features are the first you look for when choosing a website theme?