$5.00Baltic Broad Axes
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Baltic Broad Axes


  • Baltic Broad Axes – 3D Low Poly Model
  • Two Detailed Baltic Broad Axes, perfect for games, such as survival, medieval, fantasy, crafting/repairing tool or as a weapon.
  • Broad Axe 01 Low Poly Triangles – 708 Triangles – 373 Vertices
  • Broad Axe 02 Low Poly Triangles – 748 Triangles – 393 Vertices
  • 4096×4096 TGA/PNG/JPG Textures – Specular & Normal Textures is created using Photoshop and has a Diffuse, Normal & Specular to its base.
  • Workaround with its material, and you can easily find the right settings for it.



The sharpened Baltic Broad Axes cleaves wood fibers as the user’s stroke slices down into the timber. Similarly, the heavy weight of the axes pushes it through the wood, splitting the jogs from the log.

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