Christmas Tree Creator Mockup


A Christmas Tree Mockups is a graphic template which features a virtual Christmas tree in the design. Since Christmas trees have always been a visual representation of the holiday season. specifically Christmas. A Christmas tree mockup catches the attention of the viewer.


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Christmas Tree Creator Mockup catches the attention of the viewer. And it enables them to identify the product or service to related to the holiday season.

  • Candy Cane: you can change colors;
  • Snowmen;
  • Crosses: choose between gold, silver and diamond cross;
  • Cones: choose silver or gold;
  • Porcelain Angels: choose between 3 models;
  • Gingerbreads: choose between 5 models;
  • Top star: edit color;
  • Bows: edit color of the bow and the middle of the bow;
  • Mini Gifts: edit color of the ribbon and box;
  • Stars: edit color of the diamonds and plate;
  • Holly: change colors of fruits, leaves and ribbon;
  • Fluffy Balls: change color;
  • Cone Balls: change color;
  • Our Balls Design: 13 ready balls created by us that you can use on the tree;
  • Balls: DESIGN YOUR OWN (you can design your own special Christmas ball);
  • Candle Lights;
  • Lights;
  • Beads Chain: change color;
  • Chain: pick your own color, or use silver and gold that we made;
  • Ribbon: change color;
  • Bells: change colors of ribbon and bell;
  • Santa Socks: change all pieces of material, add/remove pattern;
  • Santa caps: change colors;
  • Christmas tree color: you can choose between green and silver;
  • well, organized layers.

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