Travel Newsletter Templates of the most cliched and hyped things in the world, today. To sell travel, you need a couple of basic things – appealing and stunning images, engaging content. Great locations and a slight reminder that your agency is there to fulfil those dreams. Which achieved via using a newsletter for the email campaigns you send out.

If you think designing a travel event newsletter is difficult, you’re absolutely right but do not worry, we have you covered. The net has a vast storage of travel newsletter templates, ready to use and free of cost. Nowhere is a reputed and attractive travel newsletter templates that is packed with stunning stock images and also allows you to input your own images.

Customise it in whichever way you’d like and set the ball rolling. It comes with mallifyemail builder that helps you send email, deliver it, create it and also promote it. A responsive layout to adapt to all screen shapes and sizes. It comes with cross browser compatibility and tested with the most popular email clients, to assure best of results.

Travel Newsletter by benchmark allows you to put forth everything you need to, to keep your audience informed and also attracted. Mention your offers, put appealing photographs, give a summary of the things you are discussing. Provide 3 distinct articles and also provide contact details of your company. That they remember to contact you right after.

Travel E-Newsletter Template