Everyone wants to take proper care of their online-projects. Unfortunately, not everyone is ready to put off their daily tasks in order to do this. In this case, they start looking for a real superman. In this review, we will speak about WordPress maintenance service by TemplateMonster. Maybe, we are going to understand whether it will become your superman.

Maintain My Website

What Is Website Maintenance Service?

Website maintenance services by TemplateMonster is a time-saving subscription service. It focuses on WordPress and WooCommerce support. It also provides with different site management solutions that keep online-projects up-to-date. Let us look through the main offers included in this maintenance service:

  1. Proactive WordPress engine and plugin updates
  2. Security protection
    In other words, your website will be monitored 24/7 for security and issues. If there are some problems and your online-project is under risk, you will be notified immediately.
  3. Performance check and optimization
    You will know what is happening to your website and why. Once again, if something is wrong, you will find out about this.
  4. SEO consultancy and basic setup
    WordPress maintenance has a basic set of activities connected with SEO-optimization. It includes keyword check, plugin installation and configuration, SEO URLs, sitemap, and so on and so forth.
  5. Monthly activity reports
    On the last business day (it is commonly Friday), you will get reports on the job done. There is also a weekly speed optimization.
  6. Emergency care
    If your online-project is down, WordPress or WooCommerce support will provide you with instant maintenance services.

Website Maintenance Services

Website Maintenance Service Pricing

There are two pricing plans that users can choose from. It is also possible to subscribe to the chosen plan for a month or a year.

  1. Essential ($289/year or $39/month) that includes a basic set of activities. They will keep an online-project competitive, protected, and updated.
  2. Premium ($689/year or $69/month) comes together with all the actions from the previous plan. In addition to this, they provide with assistance on how to optimize, protect, and promote your website. As an example, you can pay attention to:
    • installation of any WordPress theme;
    • site transfer;
    • SEO consultancy;
    • WooCommerce support;
    • weekly speed optimization;
    • and other activities.

Website Maintenance Service Pricing

Website Maintenance Service Pros and Cons


  • Expert support
    First of all, this website maintenance service includes 24/7 support. This is great because many companies provide support only for an extra fee. Furthermore, not all support team are available hourly.
  • WooCommerce support
    WooCommerce support covers all the questions related to selling products on the online-space.
  • All-in-one solution for both beginners, professionals, and busy users
    If one is a beginner, he or she does not need to care a lot to keep an online-project afloat. Such things choosing the most reliable hosting, installing the chosen premade theme, and modifying content will be done instead of you.
  • A wide range of maintenance services
    WordPress maintenance service has 20+ kinds of activities included in the subscription plans.
  • Trustworthy company
    TemplateMonster provides users with 26,000+ high-quality themes that fit different business types.


  • Pricing
    For people with mini-budget, the yearly pricing can become a little bit overwhelming.

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A Few Words in Conclusion

To sum up, it is possible to say that this maintenance service allows:

  • saving your time;
  • keeping your WordPress websites safe;
  • avoid complications in your workflow;
  • getting the basic support;
  • ensuring your online-shop has an expert backing.

Before you are going to make your choice, it is crucial to mention the most important characteristics again.

  1. Up-to-date WordPress engine and plugin updates;
  2. Weekly debugging;
  3. Performance check and optimization;
  4. Database optimization;
  5. Monthly activity reports;
  6. Suggestions on how to improve your website;
  7. 24/7 support;
  8. 24/7 uptime monitoring;
  9. Content update;
  10. Minor Changes (are done within three hours);
  11. Emergency care;
  12. Hosting with InMotion.

In terms of WordPress maintenance and WooCommerce support, everything is great. The team is ready to do the necessary job at its best. However, if you are only getting started, the pricing option might not be something that you will be happy with. If you can pay such a sum, it will be nice to check this variant out. It allows maximizing your comfort and making everything easier. Always make sure to keep your website secure and thanks for reading!