The role of Mockup in your Development Process

Sometimes when we present a proposal, the way we present is more important than what we present. If we create presentations using well-designed mockups, even the poor presentation design seems to appear better. Before we get into how to make use of these mockups, lets knows what is actually are? You might come across this buzzword in some shop or web that bump up your requirement process.

Mockup is a prototype or model of the application page or screen. It is a static, high-profile visual design draft of a device to represent the structure of the information. There are many ways to create a website mockup designs.

Creating a perfect Mockup for your Website design

Mockups is a streamlined and intuitive web that help you to create and collaborate on wireframes for any type of project. Creating a mockup design right from the scratch is not a practical task for everyone. For businesses who are strict to the budget doesn’t want to hire designers for creating mockup designs. So they use the mockup templates like pullover hoodies or CD’s. They are pre-created images that makes it easy to seamlessly insert your own content info. This makes it easier to sell your design to your client, customers or friends. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of using this type of prototyping?

Pros and Cons of using Mockups

Web and mobile design enhancing tools such as mockups, wireframes are fast becoming web designer’s best friend. Mockups can encourage you to design with purpose. In the design process, mockups come at the beginning and end of the phase.

Mockups helps you to design the most effective product

Using mockup for your proposal can be more impressive and most important so, the client can better understand the final result. They are nice because they help the business owners or clients visualize the functionality of the system in a more appropriate manner.

For example when you do a proposal for the client which is bland and boring. You might miss the color and details and might not be able to comprehend well about your product. This eventually result in losing the contract and at the end of the day there will be a chaos in the meeting room. However, using this mockup tools can drive interest among the clients and fortunately you will have a better feedback.

Save Time and Money

Time is money and most business are profit centric and sales oriented, they don’t want to lose a contract or project at any instance. With these use of mockups, you can show the actual capabilities of the product, since they are pre-defined, you can ultimately save time and money.


You can either create a mockup by yourself or use the professionally designed mockup for budget concerns. These prototypes are often shown to the stakeholders and higher manager who doesn’t have keen interest in paying heed to the presentations. Therefore to inspire them, low-fidelity mockup tools are used.