Landing Page Templates

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All about landing page templates

Landing pages are very important as they set the tone for your website and they are what the user first sees. These landing pages need to be mobile responsive as well as should generate interest and thus help to increase the leads and revenue which is the primary need of the business. If these are designed correctly, the conversion rates increase in leaps and bounds. At the same time if these are not well designed it can put off even the most loyal customers.

Why use landing page templates

There are various reasons to use landing page templates. They are :

  1. There are hundreds of different responsive landing page templates which can be used and chosen from. The user can find almost exactly what he or she needs or requires from the landing page.
  2. These landing page templates are created so that they increase the conversion. There are others which are meant for promos or sales or opt-ins or even downloading pages.
  3. These are professional looking and can be customized as per the need, the kind of business, the target audience and the requirements of the owner.
  4. You can tweak the look to see how the page will look when viewed on not only a desktop but also a mobile or handheld device
  5. You do not need any technical skills as all the elements can be dragged and dropped on the builder of the landing page and that is how designing is done on the landing page template. You can resize, move, crop, rescale, reshape or group all the elements which are on the landing pages.
  6. There are flexible options for publishing
  7. There are tracking pages which give instant insights and there are SEO tools that can be used along with the landing page templates so as to ensure that the targeted audience is reached
  8. You can even generate customer data and capture leads using the right land page template. Thus you can customize the input labels as well as fields and thus nurture leads.
  9. These can be connected with different analytic as well as remarketing platforms and so the performance can be optimized.
  10. There is more visibility you can get by using landing page templates as you can make the landing page more attractive by using various features such as embedded videos.
  11. It is possible to add tabs on the facebook page and also to add various icons to social sharing sites on the landing page which will allow the visitors to share the page with their contacts.
  12. You can encourage people to make immediate shopping decisions by adding the buy now button and by adding paypal and other such payment options.
  13. Using these landing page templates, one can continue a conversation and engage the contacts. These can even be used to run webinars or to educate customers and turn them into leads. These leads in turn then convert to loyal customers.