25+ Best Two Weeks Notice Letter Templates

Having worked with a firm for a considerable period of time, and sending them a notice that you are going to leave the organization is a hard job. One 

must include all the relevant details such as the relieving date and the very fact that they are leaving the firm. Our free notice period templates give all the details in a professional manner. One might be just an employee or in a managerial position, there are some protocols to follow, if not your relieving letter can give all the wrong impression to the organization.

Being professional is the utmost important thing, and all the other information such as thanking for the opportunity and individuals is mandatory. Our fully equipped free notice period templates provide samples for all the contractual, permanent and temporary employees without missing the professionalism and it also provides the reference for your own draft.

Our free resignation letter templates provide all the relevant tools designed for all the industries like retail, medical, engineering, hospitality, oil and gas etc. So please go ahead and download all the free and premium notice period templates and resignation letters, and draft one easily without missing the professionalism.

Two Weeks Formal Notice Of ResignationTwo Weeks Formal Notice Of Resignation


Need some help drafting a formal notice period and resignation letter? Use this template to make the task easier. Designed by experts, draft a professional looking letter by making necessary changes.

Resignation Letter SampleResignation Letter Sample


This is a sample format of how a resignation letter should look. Designed using professional language and comprising crucial segments, all you need to do is add personal details to this letter.

 Resignation Letter Template WordResignation Letter Template Word


This resignation letter template in MS Word format would be inspiration enough to draft a formal resignation letter to be sent to your boss. Easy to customize, you can make changes to it.

Formal Two Weeks NoticeFormal Two Weeks Notice


Not sure how to draft a letter giving a two-week notice for resignation? Go ahead and use this formal two weeks notice sample letter. Just add in your personal details before emailing it.

Sample Resignation LetterSample Resignation Letter


If you are not sure what a resignation letter should look like, this sample will give you some idea. You can use it just the way it is or make changes to it.

Two Weeks Notice TemplateTwo Weeks Notice Template


In case you don’t have enough time to draft a formal two-week notice letter, use this template to draft one. Designed by experts, you only need to add in necessary details to it.

Participant Two Week Notice FormParticipant Two Week Notice Form


Use this template to design a formal participant two-week notice form for your organization. You can make changes to the design and content before getting it printed.

Sample Two Week Notice LetterSample Two Week Notice Letter


Give your two-week notice letter a formal look by using this template to draft one. Created by experts, this template will give your letter a professional look and also make your task easy.

Example Of A Two Weeks Notice LetterExample Of A Two Weeks Notice Letter


This is a sample of how a two weeks notice letter should be drafted. You can use this letter just the way it is or make some changes before adding in your details.

Two Weeks Notice Letter in Good Terms

Two Weeks Notice Letter in Good Terms


Leave a lasting impression on your employer with this two weeks notice letter template that includes some positive feedback. You can add your personal thoughts to the template before mailing it.

Free Two Week Notice Letter Template wordfree-two-week-notice-template-wordWord-Button1

Premium Two Week Notice Templatepremium-two-week-notice-templateWord-Button1

Two Weeks Notice Letter Form Templatestwo-week-notice-form-templatesWord-Button1

Two Weeks Notice Letter Templatestwo-weeks-notice-letter-templatesWord-Button1

Download Two Weeks Notice Letter Templatesdownload-two-weeks-notice-templatesWord-Button1

Editable Two Weeks Notice Letter Templateseditable-two-weeks-notice-templatesWord-Button1

Printable Two weeks Notice Letter Templatesprintable-two-weeks-notice-templatesWord-Button1

Professional Two Weeks Notice Letter Templatesprofessional-two-weeks-notice-templatesWord-Button1

Free Editable Two Weeks Notice Letter Templatesfree-editable-two-weeks-notice-templatesWord-Button1

Sample Two Weeks Notice Letter Templatessample-two-weeks-notice-templatesWord-Button1

Advertising Executive Two Weeks Notice Templatesadvertising-executive-two-weeks-notice-templatesWord-Button1

Company Two Weeks Notice Letter Templatescompany-two-weeks-notice-templatesWord-Button1

Short & Straight Forward Two Weeks Notice Letter Templatesshort-straight-forward-two-weeks-notice-templatesWord-Button1

Two Weeks Notice Letter Templates Formattwo-weeks-notice-letter-templates-format-docWord-Button1

Two Weeks Notice Letter Brief & Concise Templatestwo-weeks-notice-brief-concise-templatesWord-Button1


Designing a resignation or two-week notice letter would seem like child’s play with this two-week notice templates. Irrespective of what your industry, these templates would work fine for you. Easy to customize and ready to be printed, these templates will give your resignation letter and notice a formal look.